Create a Host Account

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Hosts (also known as super users) have full permissions to all sites within the DNN instance. Only a host can promote/demote a user account to/from a host account.


Hosts can revoke permissions from or demote another host.

Host accounts that were created from Host > Advanced Settings (double-gear tab) > SuperUser Accounts > Add New User cannot be demoted to a regular user. To create host accounts that can be demoted, create the user account from Users > Add New User, and then promote the new user to host.


  • A host / super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.


  1. Go to Host > Advanced Settings (double-gear tab) > SuperUser Accounts.

    Host > Advanced Settings > SuperUser Accounts

  2. Click/Tap Add New User.

    Add New User button

  3. Enter the user's information.

    Add New User

    Field Description
    Authorize If checked, the user is immediately subscribed to the Registered User role and to other roles that have Auto Assignment checked. A user account can be created and then authorized at a later time by an administrator.
    Notify If checked, the user is notified by email that the account is created. Can be checked at a later time to send the email belatedly.
    Random Password If checked, generates a random password. Otherwise, you must provide a password.
    Password If the site is configured with password rules (i.e., minimum length), the initial password you assign must obey those password rules.