DNN Evoq Licensing

  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


For each edition of Evoq (Content or Engage), the following types of licenses are available:
  • Production licenses are for live sites.
  • Staging licenses are for staging servers.
  • Test licenses are for test sites.
  • Development licenses are for local use (i.e., localhost).
  • Failover licenses are for emergency use only. Example: If you set up a backup data center that you could quickly switch to, in case your main data center goes offline, you need failover licenses for the backup data center.

To be able to get staging, test, development, or failover licenses, you must have at least one paid commercial production license. Members of the DNN Partner Program can get not-for-retail (NFR) licenses without this requirement.

Note: Due to changing market factors, the product and licensing information could change without notice. Please contact the DNN Sales Team for up-to-date information.


You must activate a license for each IIS instance. Example: If you host two websites on a server, you need two licenses and you must activate one license in each website.

By default, each production/staging/test/failover license can be activated only once. For extenuating circumstances (e.g., if your server crashes or a database overwrite corrupts your site's license information), please contact Customer Support to reactivate your existing license.

In contrast, a development license can be activated as many times as needed. To request additional activations for an existing development license, please contact Customer Support.

Important: If switching to a different development server, make sure that the old license is deleted before activating a new license on the new server.

To activate a license, you need the invoice number(s) sent to you in an email after your purchase and the email address associated with each invoice. Each license will have its own invoice number (e.g., INV00x-1, INV00x-2, INV00x-3).

In most cases, you can activate the license automatically. However, if the server does not have Internet access, you can also do so manually.