DNN Release Notes — 2014 Oct 01



  • Enhanced DDR Menu to allow menus to be filtered by page tags.
  • Enhanced messaging system to support additional tokens.
  • Enhanced core library to include extension methods for creating/manipulating XML documents.
  • Fixed issue where notifications were not updated without a page refresh.
  • Fixed issue where site management was not working correctly with site skins.
  • Fixed issue where upgrades can fail due to a versioning issue.
  • Fixed issue where foldermanager was inefficient in iterating child folders and files in a given folder.
  • Fixed issues where RadEditor provider did not work correctly in IE11.
  • Fixed issue where custom page URLs were not properly formatted.
  • Fixed issue where page settings were not properly saved for localized pages.
  • Fixed issue where sample Razor script would list all users in an installation.
  • Fixed issue where improper module manifest can break extensions page.
  • Fixed issue where social modules did not update search index appropriately.
  • Fixed issue where malformed profile urls or profile pages for deleted users caused error in event log.
  • Fixed issue where upgrades failed for case sensitive SQL collations.
  • Fixed issue where reordering tabs in one portal affected tab order in other portals.
  • Security:
    • Failure to validate user messaging permissions.

DNN EVOQ 7.3.3


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 7.3.3.
  • Fixed issue that was causing an error being logged when updating documents with workflow.
  • Implemented new functionality that allows users to find documents using keywords in the file metadata.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the search priority in documents to not function correctly.
  • Improved performance during document indexing to reduce CPU usage.
  • Fixed issue that was causing slashes to be removed when using advanced URL functionality.
  • Fixed issue that was causing URLs to not be updated successfully when updating the value from the Manage Web Servers Settings.


  • Enhanced the Community Manager Experience:
    • Created a new ‘control panel’ which replaces Social Dashboard and Gaming Mechanics Administration.
    • Added additional analytic tracking and reporting options.
    • Added community health indicators.
    • Added ability to manage users.
    • Surfaced tasks in this area.
    • Centralized community setting management.
  • Enabled Friendly URL’s for the main 6 content oriented modules (great for SEO, also avoids duplicate page titles; cid/## will become /my-content-title).
  • Surfaced comment moderation in additional areas (Discussions, Events and Ideas).
  • Added ability to report a user which results in notifications to moderators and community managers.
    • Users can be removed from the profile area as well.
  • Added Upcoming events view in Social Events and made it the default view, shows only events currently in progress or scheduled in the future.
  • Added ability to delete a user from the user’s profile page (this is a soft-delete) as well as promote them to a moderator role.
  • Updated search control in the seven social modules that use it to be a companion module, and thus optional to show/hide for site administrators and page editors.
    • This also exposes a new ‘create’ button in the left hand footer of those modules too, to enable creation when search is not displayed (or without requiring a scroll to top for end users).