DNN Release Notes — 2014 Jun 11



  • Page markup reduction - intelligent resource management
    • Removal of unnecessary Viewstate – Home page 4005 bytes down to 90 bytes.
    • YSlow base score improvement (7.2.2 80/Grade C -> 7.3.0 93/Grade A).
    • 25% reduction in page size for home page requests.
  • Extra caching and streamlining of database calls.
    • Granular management of objects in cache to reduce cache rebuilds.
    • Reduced database activity in high transaction scenarios.
    • Tested sites with up to 100 portals – no significant performance impact.
  • New 51 Degrees implementation.
    • New lookup algorithm is 100x faster.
    • Zero memory consumption.
    • Can be disabled if required.
  • Admin UI Updates for increased Admin page load speed.
    • File picker/upload control updated for drag/drop.
    • User Permissions Grid optimized for active roles only.
  • Add Module Control bar improvements.
    • Bookmarking for favorite Modules.
    • Search feature for finding modules.
    • Lazy load feature to speed panel load.
    • Improved scrolling.
  • Scheduled tasks improvement for better control over jobs.
    • More granular control over jobs including ability to set a start date/time.
    • Delayed initialization for faster application startup.
  • Folder Provider Improvements.
    • Ability to create new sites with the site root Folder on remote storage – separating user data from application data. Other Improvements.

DNN EVOQ 7.3.0


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 7.3.0.
  • Web Server Control.
    • Simplified Web Server Management UI.
    • Eliminating Site Alias dependency for Web Servers.
    • Multiple Server Groups for staging/production using backup/restored database.
    • Optimized for Cloud based systems with dynamic servers in autoscale.
  • Scheduled tasks improvement for better control over jobs.
    • Automatically transfer control of single-server tasks to new servers when server removed from webfarm.
  • Folder Provider Improvements.
    • Optimized Synchronization using ETags for Cloud Providers reduces synch time from minutes to seconds.
    • Saving/Restoring modules with content and settings.
  • New Page Publish option for pushing Admin-only pages to All Users with single click.
  • Many UI and functionality bugs fixed.


  • Added ability to moderate new comments in Blogs.
  • Added ability to edit comments and replies within the 6 main user driven content modules (as comment author, moderator, etc.).
  • Added group mode support to additional modules (Answers, Wiki, Blogs).
  • Added ability to delete Wiki articles.
  • Improved date and time selection in Blogs (to match Social Events).
  • Corrected several problems in multi-culture installs.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements were also part of the release.