DNN Release Notes — 2013 Jul 09



  • Implemented functionality so that users are able to assign custom CSS to pages without modifying the skin.
  • Updated to JQuery 1.9.1.
  • Implemented auto-complete functinoality in the taxonomy module.
  • Updated the page and user selector controls to improve the experience in larger sites with multiple users.
  • Implemented a warning message for Azure users when they install a module that does not have the Azure Compatible flag.
  • Fixed issue where users were being logged out if switching between www.domain.com and domain.com.
  • Fixed issue when exporting and importing a template where content localization is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where data was not being cleaned up after removing a folder provider.
  • Fixed issue that made modules not to render corectly when module caching was enabled through the Client Resource Management Framework.
  • Added support for accents in profile properties.
  • Fixed issue where calling the GetUserByVanityUrl function was throwing an error.



  • Fixed issue where the application throws an Unhandled Error and an HTTP Response Code of 200 when the connection to the database is lost.

DNN EVOQ 7.1.0


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 7.1.0.
  • Fixed issue in the File Manager page when the user tried to refresh a page using F5.
  • Fixed issue where new PDF documents were not indexed by the search crawler.
  • Implemented new functionality to roll back changes when enabling Content Localization fails.
  • Updated the neat upload assembly that was causing errors when uploading documents to document library.
  • Fixed UI issue in Document Library's security settings.
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from adding attachments from the local drive whens sending messages.
  • Fixed issue where admin and host pages were being indexed when crawling the site as an administrator.
  • Fixed issue in the linkclick functionality when linking to documents stored in the Amazon S3 provider.
  • Replaced the page selector control to improve performance in large websites.
  • Fixed UI issue where pop ups were not rendered centered in the page.
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from uploading files to Azure from the Image Manager.
  • Fixed issue when creating sites from a template.
  • Fixed issue where only the first site alias was used when multiple aliases were created.
  • Fixed issue where visitors using IE were getting a "mixed content warning" when SSL Offloading was enabled.
  • Fixed issue when uploading files form the HTML Module to a UNC Folder.
  • Fixed issue where folder names were changed to lower case when upgrading Document Library.
  • Added the Company Name filed to the Commerce Module.
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from uploading mp4 files through the HTML Module.
  • Fixed issue where HTML workflow notifications were not sent to Administrators.
  • Fixed issue that stopped users from creating sub pages from templates.
  • Fixed issue where manual synchronization was not working correctly in Document Library.