DNN Release Notes — 2012 Nov 28



  • Fixed issue that caused profiles of deleted users to be available.
  • Removed the postback after checkboxes are selected in Page Settings > Taxonomy.
  • Implemented the functionality required to edit security role names and social group names.
  • Fixed JavaScript error when using a ";" semicolon as a profile property.
  • Fixed issue when using DateTime properties in profiles.
  • Fixed viewstate error when using Facebook authentication in conjunction with "require valid profile for login".
  • Fixed issue where cached pages were not sending Content-Type in the response header.
  • Fixed issue where deleting the razor host module caused the razorhelpers to be deleted too.
  • Fixed issue where users could not upload a profile picture when a site belonged to a site group.
  • Fixed issue where the Journal ignores the page size setting.
  • Fixed issue where URLs were incorrect after moving a site with site groups enabled to a new serer.
  • Fixed issue in the Journal that made image thumbnails not clickable.
  • Fixed issue in the Journal where images were played like youtube videos.
  • Security:
    • Fixed issue in the Member Directory module that could show members to non authenticated users.
    • Fixed issue in the Lists module that could potentially be used for script / html injection.
    • Fixed issue in Module's titles that would allow users to enter html or JavaScript code.
    • Fixed issue where some validation was missing when uploading profile pictures.
  • Updated modules:
    • File Manager
    • Journal
    • Member Directory
    • Message Center
    • My Modules
    • Social Groups