Building Your Site

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Extensions expand the functionality of DNN. The most commonly used extensions when building a website are modules, themes, and containers.
  • Modules present content on a page or perform administrative tasks.
  • Themes and containers define the appearance of the pages and modules, respectively.
Note: Extensions must be installed and enabled by the host before they become available for use in any site or page.
To build a site,
  1. Create or copy one or more pages on the site. A new page is based on the layout template, which defines the panes on the page.
  2. Configure the page, including the permissions. Specific pages can be restricted to users in certain roles, such as subscribers.
  3. To each page, add one or more modules. Each pane on the page can hold one module.
  4. Configure the modules, choose containers for each, and add content where appropriate.
  5. Add themes for the entire site and optionally for individual pages.
  6. Test your site.
  7. Publish your site.
Tip: The Site Wizard is a quick way to configure the basic settings for a site, change the design, and apply a template.