DNN Release Notes — 2016 Aug 22



  • MVC Module bug fixes and added MVC Controller Views Path.
  • Extension Modules Usage Details defaults to current portal and uses proper links for pages.
  • Web API performance improvements.
  • Login and registration bugs addressed for redirects, email notifications, and password resets.
  • Corrected several issues around character encoding.
  • Page Manager bug fixes included fixes for duplicate pages and permissions.
  • Fixed bugs related to SSL offloading.
  • Tested and verified compatibility with SQL 2016.
  • Consolidated SQL install/upgrade scripts.
  • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes.

DNN EVOQ 8.5.0


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 8.0.4.
  • Improved functionality and user experience of Add Module.
  • Added Azure and Amazon S3 file connectors.
  • Improved user experience and performance of validation for Dropbox and Box connectors.
  • Added description field to Asset Manager and added tracking when files are downloaded.
  • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes.


  • All updates included with DNN Evoq Content 8.5.0.
  • Added RSS support for the Activity Stream.
  • Enabled auto-resizing of images in the Activity Stream for optimal performance.
  • Introduced DNN Cloud Microservices. Microservices improve the overall performance of your site by hosting additional functionality on cloud servers. Microservices also enable easier and faster deployment of updates.
    • Structured Content. Separates content creation from design using a highly structured approach.
      • Get started with the six predefined content types, which are based on common use cases.
      • Define custom content types using simple drag-and-drop functionality and dynamic layouts.
      • Create content items in a structured format without worrying about design.
    • Visualizers. Defines and applies styling to content items.
      • Use templates to define visualizers, which are bundles of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
      • Easily apply new design elements to content in web pages, using the included visualizers (more to be added with each update).
    • Form Builder. Builds and deploys dynamic forms.
      • Customize the four predefined forms, which are based on common use cases. Or use them as is.
      • Display the list of responses in custom configurations to extract insights.
    • Migration of existing HTML content into Structured Content microservice.
  • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes.