Configure Your Sitemap


Sitemap configuration form

  1. To configure the sitemap provider, click/tap its pencil icon in the first column of the table.
    Field Description
    Override Priority If checked, the Sitemap module settings override the page prioritization rules of the provider. If unchecked, allows the provider to specify how the pages would be prioritized.
    Priority The order in which the providers would be used, if more than one provider is enabled.
  2. Configure the settings for general DNN pages.
    Field Description
    Use page level based priorities? If checked, the priority for each page is computed based on its hierarchy level. Top level pages are assigned a priority of 1.0, and lower levels are 0.1 less than the next higher level (i.e., the second level pages are assigned a priority of 0.9; the third level, 0.8).
    Minimum Priority for Pages If Use page level based priorities? is checked, the lowest priority used. Example: If minimum priority is set to 0.7, all pages on the fourth level, as well as pages on all lower levels, will be assigned a priority of 0.7.
    Include Hidden Pages? If checked, pages that are not visible in the menu are also included in the sitemap.
  3. Configure the settings for the sitemap.
    Field Description
    Exclude URLs With a Priority Lower Than The minimum priority to include in the sitemap.
    Days to Cache Sitemap For The number of days before the sitemap is regenerated. If set to Disable Caching, the sitemap is regenerated whenever requested.
    Tip: If you have a large site (i.e., at least 50,000 URLs), cache the sitemap for at least one day to help improve your site's performance.
    Clear Cache Click/Tap to delete all cached sitemaps. A new sitemap is generated at the next request.
  4. Click/Tap Save Sitemap Configuration.
  5. (Optional) Submit your site to Google Search for indexing.
  6. (Optional) Submit your site to Bing for indexing.
    1. Choose Bing from the Search Engine dropdown.
    2. Click/Tap Submit.
    You will be directed to Bing's site for webmasters.
  7. (Optional) Submit your site to Yahoo! for indexing.
    1. Choose Yahoo! from the Search Engine dropdown.
    2. Click/Tap Submit.
    You will be directed to Yahoo!'s site for webmasters.