DNN Release Notes — 2015 Oct 05



  • Added upgrade support from beta release.
  • Fixed issue with lists in custom registration form.
  • Fixed issue with ignore words in Italian and French.
  • Fixed issue with site export in multi-language site.
  • Fixed issue where parameters in return URL were malformed.
  • Fixed issue in sitemap for multi-language site.
  • Fixed issue where control panel did not render links correctly in SSL offload environments.
  • Fixed issue where pages with future start date were inaccessible.
  • Fixed multiple password reset issues.
  • Fixed issue where site settings could be duplicated.
  • Fixed issue where dismissing all notifications removed messages as well.
  • Fixed issue where file link for missing file caused exception.
  • Fixed issue where localized portal settings were not getting applied when switching languages.
  • Fixed issue where admin was unable to change interface language.
  • Fixed issue where page name uniqueness was applied cross language.
  • Fixed multiple scheduler issues.
  • Security:
    • Fixed issue where users could get registered even though User Registration was set to none (medium).
    • Fixed potential XSS issue when using tab controls (low).

DNN EVOQ 8.2.0


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 7.4.2.
  • Added mobile view and support for the Persona Bar's Recycle Bin and Workflow sections.
  • HTML WYSIWYG editor updated to a newer version.
  • Made content layout a true module. This allows more options for features like "Display on All Pages" and for copying to other sites/pages.
  • Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes.


  • All updates included with Evoq Content Basic 8.2.0.
  • Added region support to content personalization (requires purchase of GeoIP data from MaxMind).
  • Added profile property support for content personalization.
  • Improved the user experience of the page-visited rule for content personalization.
  • Added RSS feed capabilities to the Publisher module.
  • Added Search companion modules to allow multiple ways to search the Publisher module (tags, by author, text).
  • Additional bug fixes and minor enhancements.


  • All updates included with Evoq Content 8.2.0.
  • Added ability to create Zendesk tickets from topics or questions (if Zendesk connector setup).
  • Added paging support to the blog roster companion module.
  • Updated the usability of Content Exchange; search logic makes it easer to find things now.
  • Additional bug fixes and minor enhancements.