Install an Extension

A DNN extension can contain a module, a theme, or other components that extend the functionality of the DNN Platform.

You can also create your custom modules and themes.

The extension must be added by the host / super user account to the DNN installation before it can be used in any of the websites.



  1. Click/Tap Install Extension Wizard.

    Install Extension Wizard

  2. Click/Tap Choose File and select the zip file of the extension. The button name changes to the name of the zip file.

    Choose zip file of the extension

  3. Informational pages will be displayed one after the other:
    • Package Information includes the extension's version and description, as well as information about the creator.
      Package Information

    • Release Notes displays what's new in the current release of the extension.
      Release Notes

    • License displays the creator's license terms. Accept the license to continue.

    • Package Installation Report displays a log of actions performed by the installation.
      Package Installation Report

  4. Verify that the newly installed extension appears in the list under the Installed Extensions tab.

    New extension appears under Installed Extensions.