DNN Release Notes — 2014 Jun 26



  • Updated jQuery.RequestRegistration to also include jquery-migrate, which many third-party skins rely on.
  • Added back missing API methods to preserve binary compatibility.
  • Update 51 Degrees V3 to the latest assembly and data file.
  • Fixed case sensitivity issues with the scheduler and server names.
  • Rollback change to exclude portal.css by default.
  • Rollback to previous version of SharpZipLib assembly to preserve backward compatibility.
  • Fixed permission grid so that you can add additional roles.
  • Fixed user profile page alignment issues.
  • Fixed upgrade issue installing Knockout.
  • Fixed refactoring issue that would cause issues creating new pages.

DNN EVOQ 7.3.1


  • All updates included with DNN Platform 7.3.1.
  • Upgraded to the latest Device Detection Library (51 degrees).
  • Fixed case-sensitive server check in webfarm management.
  • Changed 7.3 behaviour to always include portal.css.
  • Changed of legacy API methods from removed to deprecated.
  • Fixed issue in Permissions grid when using 'All Roles'.
  • Replaced ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll with SharpZipLib.dll.
  • Updated old jQuery Request Registration to always include jquery-migrate.


  • Made comment experience consistent across modules and Activity Stream, where applicable.
  • Enhanced Like Experience to provide more details in Activity Stream and several Social modules.
  • Enhanced Answers and Wiki list UI's for usability.
  • Moved to Platform subscriptions, in upgrade scenarios the data is migrated.
  • Notifications in Social are now streamlined, these now include direct links to all content.
  • Added Social Editor and integrated into 6 main Social modules.
  • Performance Improvements around SQL queries, space usage and reduced amount of data sent to the browser across all Social modules.
  • Added mobile support for most user facing Social modules.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements were also part of the release.