DNN Release Notes — 2013 Mar 06



  • Fixed issue that caused message replies to now show in the feed.
  • Fixed errors in Razor DDR Templates when upgrading to a version higher than 7.0.0.
  • Fixed issue that prevented hosts users from changing their password.
  • Fixed issue that caused line feeds to be removed from messages when using Firefox.
  • Fixed UX issue when copying pages from the control panel.
  • Fixed JS errors when creating pages using IE 10.
  • Fixed issue where standard asp file input elements were rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed drag and drop functionality when updating a user's profile picture.
  • Replaced the old style icons for modules shown in the control panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused the server to hang when pages were moved using the Pages Module.
  • Fixed issue that caused the site logo to not function correctly on child websites.
  • Fixed issue that caused autocomplete to fail when a Console Module was added to a page.
  • Fixed module actions positioning issues when using ajax to load content after the page is rendered.
  • Enhanced the way user names are displayed when liking comments in the Journal Module.
  • Fixed issue that caused multilingual sites to show duplicate entries in the site switching tool in the control panel.
  • Fixed issue that caused multiple entries to be added to the ContentItems table when adding tags to modules.
  • Updated the list of devices in the Preview Management Module to include the most popular devices to date.